03 Apr 2014

Josephine, done in Toon Boom Harmony by Roxane Daneault

NAME: Roxane Daneault

TITLE: Joséphine

DESCRIPTION: A short animated student movie made in the framework of the traditional animation program at the Cegep du Vieux-Montréal. In the victorian era, a dreamy young seamstress is fashioning a beautiful gown. The animation was created in Toon Boom Harmony.

ARTIST: I am a young animator and illustrator based in Montreal, Qc, Canada. I graduated in a traditional animation program at the Cegep du Vieux-Montréal in June 2013, after completing a diploma in graphic design at College Ahuntsic (Montreal).

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Harmony


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01 Apr 2014

Gods of Sound: Skull, done in Toon Boom Harmony by John Lane

NAME: John Lane

TITLE: Gods of Sound: Skull

DESCRIPTION: This is my first project with Harmony.  I bought a license this winter.  I started the basic animation in Animate 2.  When Harmony came in I imported the Animate 2 drawings as Flash, which automatically included the colour palette.  I did a little more tweening, then started in on the EFX.  Water effects were created with Harmony fractal filters (thank you Adam Phillips for some nice tutorials).  The Harmony particles start about 15 seconds in.  And, most of the compositing was done in the Harmony network.  Other tools include Blender 3D for a few planets and stars, and Adobe After Effects for one or two extra filters and a little colour grading.

This project consists of three shots being used in a metal music video.  The audio is edited for the purpose of this reel.  The band is Gods of Sound.

ARTIST: I started off principally as an illustrator and print designer, then transferred those skills to video graphics for a network affiliate, post-production houses and eventually doing show packages as a broadcast designer/animator.  Now I’m essentially working like that original illustrator, but with animation.  Harmony Stand Alone is a nice receptacle for the different skills I’ve picked up along the way.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Harmony

VIMEO Animated Lane
John Lane 2014 Showreel

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28 Mar 2014

Bulby, done in Toon Boom Studio by Timothy Erau

NAME: Timothy Erau

TITLE: Bulby

DESCRIPTION: A short animation of a character Bulby. “I have animated my first 2d character called Bulby just stumping her feet. I made Bulby from a Toon Boom software called TOON BOOM STUDIO 6.0″

ARTIST: I am from Bweyogerere, a suburb of Kamapala, Uganda. I have always loved to animate but never new how, not until i joined the community. I have been drawing from my primary school, as for animation, i only started teaching myself this month and thats how i came up with Bulby. I have always loved the thought of being Uganda’s best animator and i believe i shall soon get there. I teach myself by watching online tutorials when i can access them.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

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27 Mar 2014

Fatum, done in Toon Boom Harmony by Jonathan Lemay

NAME: Jonathan Lemay

TITLE: Fatum

DESCRIPTION: A short movie that I’ve written and realized while I was student at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. Winner of the Toon Boom prize at the graduation projection.

ARTIST: I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Graduated in the 2D Animation program at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in 2013, I’ve always been passionated in drawing and in visual arts..

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Harmony

Online Portfolio

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25 Mar 2014

History of Language, done in Animate Pro by Dominik Litwiniak

NAME: Dominik Litwiniak

TITLE: History of language

DESCRIPTION: Advertisement for a translation company ABC Translator (abctranslator.pl).

ARTIST: I am a freelance 2D animator. Tamino Studio is my company based in Warsaw, Poland. I work remotely with clients from all over the world.I specialize in cartoon animation. My works include music videos, cartoons for kids, advertisements and film titles. I work primarily with Toon Boom Animate and Adobe software (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop).

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate Pro

Tamino Studio Website

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03 Mar 2014

Fly Cornwall, done in Toon Boom Studio by Steve Heller

NAME: Steve Heller

TITLE: Fly Cornwall – Pretty Tatties

DESCRIPTION: A short animation made in Toon Boom Studio about flies in a Pasty Shop who trick a “tourist” fly by giving him the wrong directions to exit a room. The animation is a parody of how local people act towards visitors in Cornwall, which is a district of the UK. Cornwall is situated on the very south-west of the UK and attracts a lot of holidaymakers. Holidaymakers are often referred to as “emmets” which is an old Middle English term for Ant as in the summer Cornwall is swarmed with holidaymakers who are sun burnt so like a lot of red ants milling around.

ARTIST: My name is Steve Heller, i’m a dance music producer and DJ from Cornwall with records signed to 3 labels. I have started animation as a hobby and this is my second project. Fly Cornwall has had a great response and is being shown on the Cornwall Channel on Sky TV on Monday 24th Feb after 9pm, it is also being shown at a local amateur cinema night in Cornwall.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio


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17 Feb 2014

Storyboard Animatic for “Charlie and the Nighthawks Episode Five” done in Storyboard Pro by Fred Reyes

NAME: Fred Reyes

TITLE: Charlie and the Nighthawks – Episode Five – Rumble Trouble

DESCRIPTION: Animatic short from the storyboard of Charlie and the Nighthawks. In this animatic Charlie, Belle, and Toro easily subdue a small group of invaders, but one giant monster is causing havoc for the trio!

Work is inspired by the seventies Hanna Barbera cartoons such as Herculoids, Samson and Goliath, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, etc. This is the fourth part of a new series. I am planning to release new shorts every three months.

ARTIST: I work in TV animation as a Storyboard Artist. I love creating stories and bringing them to life.

Thanks to Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, I am able to create a series of shorts without sacrificing quality.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

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11 Feb 2014

The Enchanted Land, done in Toon Boom Animate by Amin Bahari

NAME: Amin Bahari

TITLE: The Enchanted Land

DESCRIPTION: The Enchanted Land is part of a school project Tartar Studio carries out in schools, where Tartar transforms stories told by school kids into animated videos narrated by the school kids themselves. The Enchanted Land story was written by a student called Farha, she also narrates the animation. The project is called Write Your Film and has so far executed the first phase and the second phase is underway.

ARTIST: Amin Bahari is the founder of Tartar Studio which is a non-profit animation studio on YouTube. Tartar Studio’s goal is to promote Sudan, its people and culture through the production of short animated videos, as well as initiating community based projects such as Write Your Film. one of Amin Bahari’s films were screened at the Savannah International Animation Film Festival 2012 and at the DC Independent Film Festival 2011.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

YouTube Tartar Studio
Twitter @tartarstudio
Facebook Tartar Studio

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07 Feb 2014

Chrysalide, done in Toon Boom Harmony by Pierre Allard

NAME: Pierre Allard

TITLE: Chrysalide

DESCRIPTION: Dans un usine, 011 le robot essaie d’attraper une petit papillon aux couleurs vives.

ARTIST: Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Films étudiants 2013 – Dessin animé Year:2013

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Harmony

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31 Jan 2014

Atatürk’s Reforms, done in Flip Boom Cartoon by Doğa Naz Demirel

NAME: Doğa Naz Demirel (5th grade)

TITLE: Atatürk’s Reforms

DESCRIPTION: Comparing the life before and after Atatürk’s Reforms.

ARTIST: I am Doğa Naz Demirel. I live in İstanbul Turkey. I am a 5th grade student at Bahçeşehir College Florya. I love Social studies. I like reading and doing research about history. I really enjoy making animations.

SOFTWARE: Flip Boom Cartoon

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