NAME: Sinbad Richardson

TITLE: Jenny 5000

DESCRIPTION: Jenny 5000 – Chronicles of anxiety, art and friendship. The 3 most important things in Jennifer’s life.

ARTIST: Sinbad runs Vienna Pitts Creative a graphic design, web, video and animation studio.

“I started using the name Vienna Pitts when I decided all my work should come under a single umbrella. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my grandfather’s Plymouth Voyager, driving through Georgia, when we came across an exit for two towns: Vienna and Pitts. My grandfather thought it would make an interesting name, it resonated as a sort of ying-yang. After that, the name stuck for all my work.”

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Vienna Pitts Creative Website


KLeonardJune 26, 2013 10:36 pm

very nice and thank you

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