NAME: Michelle Denise Norton

TITLE: Monster Tongue Twister 2: Ye Yetis

DESCRIPTION: I think I’ve always wanted to be in a band or create something as much fun as Scooby Doo. In high school, I drew daily cartoon strips on a chalkboard in homeroom chronicling of the adventures of PFC Southern, invisible except for a purple mohawk and bow tie. I see a lot of that goofiness (and hair) in Blink Kitty Love.

ANIMATOR: I live in the United States and have always been a fan of comics and animation and laughing. I spend my summers directing Shakespearean comedies, which is a lot of fun but I love when I have a chance to draw. I’ve always been involved in comics, both reading and drawing art mixed with words that might work in a comic, but when I discovered Flip Boom I realized animation was the medium that worked best for me. I love the flow and the fun you can have mixing things up and making them go vroom or jump or break apart and fit back together, just a little differently. So I started doing Hat Hair Adventures, which evolved into the adventures of Blink Kitty Love, your favorite crazy crushing cartoon band.

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