07 Jul 2014

Basic Feline Walk Practice, done in Toon Boom Animate by Lucy Crewe

NAME: Lucy Crewe

TITLE: Basic Feline Walk Practice

DESCRIPTION: A short animated sketch which depicts a hand-drawn, full colour animated walk cycle test, demonstrating smooth arcs based on reference; portfolio piece. this was made in Toon Boom Animate.

ARTIST: I’m a character animation/story artist, based in Leicester, UK. I have been drawing since a very early age, growing up on movies, video games, a fascination with nature and my mother’s affinity for art history and anatomy. I also used to do editing tricks with the old VCR. Timing was everything.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Creative Cat Blogspot

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01 Apr 2014

Gods of Sound: Skull, done in Toon Boom Harmony by John Lane

NAME: John Lane

TITLE: Gods of Sound: Skull

DESCRIPTION: This is my first project with Harmony.  I bought a license this winter.  I started the basic animation in Animate 2.  When Harmony came in I imported the Animate 2 drawings as Flash, which automatically included the colour palette.  I did a little more tweening, then started in on the EFX.  Water effects were created with Harmony fractal filters (thank you Adam Phillips for some nice tutorials).  The Harmony particles start about 15 seconds in.  And, most of the compositing was done in the Harmony network.  Other tools include Blender 3D for a few planets and stars, and Adobe After Effects for one or two extra filters and a little colour grading.

This project consists of three shots being used in a metal music video.  The audio is edited for the purpose of this reel.  The band is Gods of Sound.

ARTIST: I started off principally as an illustrator and print designer, then transferred those skills to video graphics for a network affiliate, post-production houses and eventually doing show packages as a broadcast designer/animator.  Now I’m essentially working like that original illustrator, but with animation.  Harmony Stand Alone is a nice receptacle for the different skills I’ve picked up along the way.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Harmony

VIMEO Animated Lane
John Lane 2014 Showreel

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11 Feb 2014

The Enchanted Land, done in Toon Boom Animate by Amin Bahari

NAME: Amin Bahari

TITLE: The Enchanted Land

DESCRIPTION: The Enchanted Land is part of a school project Tartar Studio carries out in schools, where Tartar transforms stories told by school kids into animated videos narrated by the school kids themselves. The Enchanted Land story was written by a student called Farha, she also narrates the animation. The project is called Write Your Film and has so far executed the first phase and the second phase is underway.

ARTIST: Amin Bahari is the founder of Tartar Studio which is a non-profit animation studio on YouTube. Tartar Studio’s goal is to promote Sudan, its people and culture through the production of short animated videos, as well as initiating community based projects such as Write Your Film. one of Amin Bahari’s films were screened at the Savannah International Animation Film Festival 2012 and at the DC Independent Film Festival 2011.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

YouTube Tartar Studio
Twitter @tartarstudio
Facebook Tartar Studio

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27 Sep 2013

Introducing the Poipals done in Toon Boom Animate by Roberto Stampini

NAME: Roberto Stampini

TITLE: Introducing the Poipals

DESCRIPTION: I came up with a tune that I failed to persuade any real band to play. I was forced to create my own imaginary band and have them play it. However, to be honest, not all of them seemed entirely on board with the project. There were mutterings behind my back about the harmonic qualities of the work and I had a lot of issues with the synthetic tuba player who said some very spiteful and hurtful things about me during the recording process. I don’t think we’ll be working together again.
This project was constructed using Toon Boom Animate 2. Sound was created using Sonar LE. It was composited entirely within Animate 2 using templates for ‘scene’ construction.

ARTIST: Roberto Stampini is an animator living in the North West of England.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

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26 Sep 2013

The Square, The Hexagon and The Circle done in Toon Boom Animate by Roberto Stampini

NAME: Roberto Stampini

TITLE: The Square, The Hexagon and The Circle

DESCRIPTION: This was made during a brief period of obsession with Islamic Geometry. The work was made easier by Eric Broug’s excellent book, Islamic Geometric Patterns, which is cited in the credits. As folk may or may not be aware, in order to get the shapes to be repeatable/tileable a degree of precision is required in their construction. I thought the degree of precision required would not be achievable in Toon Boom Animate 2 so I embarked on a period of testing specialist software. Oddly enough, after a reasonably thorough investigation, I actually did all the drawings in Toon Boom.

ARTIST: “I’m a winter animator living in the North West of England. Normally we are snowed in from late September until early March. With nothing else to do but shoot the giant rats that try to make off with our cache of nuts and berries collected over the brief summer, conditions become ideal for animation projects. I first became interested in animation when I noticed that I had too many friends and kept on going out to meet girls. Thankfully, animation has resolved all these issues.I confirm that everything is my own work created from scratch. All music is composed and recorded by me. Thanks for the great software.”

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

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26 Apr 2013

“Dam” done in Animate by Aniguru student in Class 6

NAME: Class 6 student at Aniguru Animation

TITLE: 6th Class Dam

DESCRIPTION: This animation, done in Toon Boom Animate, Animation done in Toon Boom Animate, on water & its storage & flow in dams.

ARTIST: All of the artists are students of Aniguru Animation in Hyderabad India. The students range from K-12 level and use Toon Boom animation software from Flip Boom All-Star through to Animate.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Aniguru Animation Website

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19 Apr 2013

“Tooth Fairy” done in Animate by Robert Brown

NAME: Robert Brown

TITLE: Tooth Fairy

DESCRIPTION: This is a teaser trailer for my short film Tooth Fairy, which I am currently working on.

ARTIST: I’m a Freelance 2D traditional hand drawn and 2D digital animator. I have been working in animation for 27 years. I am based in Caerphilly, Wales, U.K.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Twitter @rbanimation

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20 Mar 2013

Jenny 5000 done in Toon Boom Animate by Sinbad Richardson

NAME: Sinbad Richardson

TITLE: Jenny 5000

DESCRIPTION: Jenny 5000 – Chronicles of anxiety, art and friendship. The 3 most important things in Jennifer’s life.

ARTIST: Sinbad runs Vienna Pitts Creative a graphic design, web, video and animation studio.

“I started using the name Vienna Pitts when I decided all my work should come under a single umbrella. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my grandfather’s Plymouth Voyager, driving through Georgia, when we came across an exit for two towns: Vienna and Pitts. My grandfather thought it would make an interesting name, it resonated as a sort of ying-yang. After that, the name stuck for all my work.”

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Vienna Pitts Creative Website

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14 Mar 2013

“Bigfoot Blues” done in Toon Boom Animate by Matt Duncan

NAME: Matt Duncan

TITLE: Bigfoot Blues

DESCRIPTION: When a traveling family discovers the legendary creature known as Bigfoot, they find that he’s not a monster, but rather, an understanding and open-minded being. When Bigfoot moves from the wilderness to Orlando, FL, the United States media reaction is polarized. The “right” side makes a “monster” out of Bigfoot, while the “left” side thinks this “Monster-American” should have the right to vote! Once the country gets to know this passionate, furry beast, will they greet him with open arms or pitchforks?

ARTIST: I have been drawing since I can remember. I studied Digital Arts at Stetson University, and currently work as a freelance filmmaker and animator around Orlando, FL. My grandfather, Joe Petrovich, won an Academy Award in 1971 for his original short animation, “The Crunch Bird“. Ink and paint on The Crunch Bird was done by my grandmother, Doris Petrovich.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate

Matt Duncan Films Website
mattduncanstudios tumblr

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13 Mar 2013

“Trial and Error – Natural Enemies” done in Toon Boom Animate by Marlon Johnson

NAME: Marlon Johnson

TITLE: Trial and Error – Natural Enemies

DESCRIPTION: I’ve produced ‘Trial and Error: Natural Enemies’, an award-winning animated video featuring a Farmer’s struggle to rid his farm of feisty bugs. Featuring gentle humour, with an emphasis on biodiversity, pest control and environmental protection.
(1) WINNER “Most Promising Animator” at 2011 Animae Caribe Festival;
(2) Second Place WINNER at Caribbean Council for Science and Technology Film & Video Competition 2011.

ARTIST: I’ve had a lifelong love of stories and storytelling. I formed MJC Studios to produce, through collaborations with talented individuals, content based on developing world culture for young learners. My most recent projects include Full Free, a comic book series focused on the life of young girl living in Jamaica, around the time of Emancipation from slavery.


SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate


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