22 Jul 2014

Everybody’s Music, done in Toon Boom Studio by Lucy Crewe

NAME: Lucy Crewe

TITLE: Everybody’s Music

DESCRIPTION: The final year Major Project that took longer than anticipated to get off the ground. I know what it’s like making a Disney movie on such a tight schedule! From the start I wanted to make something with music, since I really enjoyed mixing samples in Reason and Cubase. Main inspirations were a few segments from Fantasia; Banjo the Woodpile Cat; The Aristocats; Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough; the Cartoon Network Groovies, and Mike Gabriel’s Lorenzo.

ARTIST: I’m a character animation/story artist, based in Leicester, UK. I have been drawing since a very early age, growing up on movies, video games, a fascination with nature and my mother’s affinity for art history and anatomy. I also used to do editing tricks with the old VCR. Timing was everything.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

Creative Cat Blogspot

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17 Jul 2014

The Lake Monster – Episode 6 of The Stickman, done in Toon Boom Studio by The Cubiclite

NAME:The Cubiclite

TITLE:The Stickman – Episode 6 The Lake Monster

DESCRIPTION: This is Episode 6 of my animated series, The Cubiclite’s Stickman Stories. It is part of my collection of videos that record my progress in learning animation and digital content creation in general. I am currently exploring Toon Boom Studio on my own, and I try to apply the new techniques that I am learning in the videos.

ARTIST: I have always enjoyed watching animated videos, and wanted to learn and start creating my own animations. Part of it is also to set an example and show the way for my loved ones to get creative. Hopefully, the work also benefits other wonderful people out there, and brings out their hidden talent.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

BLOG The Cubiclite

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15 Jul 2014

Tango Milk Chocolates Advertisement, done in Toon Boom Studio by Ionone Bangcas


TITLE: Tango Milk Chocolates Advertisement

DESCRIPTION: This was my first ever 2D animation project back in 2004 when I was just learning the ropes using Toon Boom Studio 1.2 for Mac. I was already a producer back then and a client gave me a project after seeing only one animated demo that I did. Soon after, the client decided they wanted to release it to 35mm theatrical film. I ended up making a 2K film version and an NTSC video version for TV broadcast. This project is special to me because it opened a lot of doors afterwards. As an indirect result, I co-founded a 2D animation company, BouncingBall, Inc. in Cebu City, Philippines in 2007 and served as its VP Operations until 2012.

ARTIST: I am a multi-disciplinary artist. I started out as a painter. I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and went into advertising soon after. Films and cartoons fascinate me because of the mystique of the moving image. I decided to try my hand at Toon Boom Studio after the first PC version came out, having tried Flash as a learning tool at the end of the 1990s. In addition to producing, directing and editing videos, I have taught art at the University of San Carlos, Silliman University and currently I teach animation and its allied courses at the University of Cebu. I am based in Cebu City, Philippines.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio


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27 Jun 2014

The Shots in Sarajevo, done in Toon Boom Studio and Animate Pro by Timo Filpus

NAME: Timo Filpus

TITLE: The Shots in Sarajevo (Sarajevon laukaukset)

DESCRIPTION: A short animated sketch which depicts the assassination of The Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip and why the First World War began. Or why the reasons were poor. Animation was created using Toon Boom Animate Pro and Toon Boom Studio. The animation took me four months to make.

ARTIST: I am 48 years old and I work as a graphic artist in the newspaper, Savon Sanomat, here in Finland. When I was a teenager, I made animation films. I used 8mm and 16mm film cameras. It was hard work and took a lot of time. Now I’m able to come back to this hobby and I’m very excited.
I really like a lot of your software programs. They are very flexible.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Animate Pro, Toon Boom Studio

Savon Sanomat Website

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19 Jun 2014

Banana Man, done in Toon Boom Studio by Sam Fratto

NAME: Sam Fratto

TITLE: Banana Man

DESCRIPTION: A short animated sketch about a man who finds something very peculiar in a banana. The film was created using Toon Boom Studio.

ARTIST: I just graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with an associates in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and will be moving from Upstate New York to San Francisco, California this fall to work towards a bachelors in 2-D animation at the Academy of Art University. When I’m not at school I’m creating art or creating cartoon animations. I post these cartoons under ‘Golden Chode Productions’ on Youtube.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio


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28 Mar 2014

Bulby, done in Toon Boom Studio by Timothy Erau

NAME: Timothy Erau

TITLE: Bulby

DESCRIPTION: A short animation of a character Bulby. “I have animated my first 2d character called Bulby just stumping her feet. I made Bulby from a Toon Boom software called TOON BOOM STUDIO 6.0″

ARTIST: I am from Bweyogerere, a suburb of Kamapala, Uganda. I have always loved to animate but never new how, not until i joined the community. I have been drawing from my primary school, as for animation, i only started teaching myself this month and thats how i came up with Bulby. I have always loved the thought of being Uganda’s best animator and i believe i shall soon get there. I teach myself by watching online tutorials when i can access them.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

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03 Mar 2014

Fly Cornwall, done in Toon Boom Studio by Steve Heller

NAME: Steve Heller

TITLE: Fly Cornwall – Pretty Tatties

DESCRIPTION: A short animation made in Toon Boom Studio about flies in a Pasty Shop who trick a “tourist” fly by giving him the wrong directions to exit a room. The animation is a parody of how local people act towards visitors in Cornwall, which is a district of the UK. Cornwall is situated on the very south-west of the UK and attracts a lot of holidaymakers. Holidaymakers are often referred to as “emmets” which is an old Middle English term for Ant as in the summer Cornwall is swarmed with holidaymakers who are sun burnt so like a lot of red ants milling around.

ARTIST: My name is Steve Heller, i’m a dance music producer and DJ from Cornwall with records signed to 3 labels. I have started animation as a hobby and this is my second project. Fly Cornwall has had a great response and is being shown on the Cornwall Channel on Sky TV on Monday 24th Feb after 9pm, it is also being shown at a local amateur cinema night in Cornwall.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio


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21 Nov 2013

How The Microwave Wasn’t Invented, done in Toon Boom Studio by Evan Bly

NAME: Evan Bly

TITLE: How The Microwave Wasn’t Invented

DESCRIPTION: A short gag cartoon about Alexander Graham Bell. He’s too impatient to wait for dinner, so he invents the microwave. I like to make short subject cartoons as a way to try out new techniques and features.

ARTIST: I am in Canada. I love cartoons: watching them, making them, reading about them, discussing them, etc.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

Twitter @TheReelEvanBly

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25 Oct 2013

THE CHANGE, done in Toon Boom Studio by Fabián Ribezzo

NAME: Fabián Ribezzo


DESCRIPTION: THE CHANGE, winner of 9 international prizes, is an educational cartoon mean’t for all audiences,
especially the children. It attempts to explain in a simple and funny manner problems 
and solutions related to climate change, thus raising awareness and reaching more 
effectively the vulnerable groups. The film was produced in Mozambique by The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, the United Nations agency for human settlements and animated by Fabián Ribezzo using Toon Boom Studio.

ARTIST: A Cinema director, animator and scriptwriter.In 1987 he moved to Italy, where he studied comic design and theatre. He started working as an actor and special effects artist in films and television and received 22 international prizes for his short films: “Kill her or not?”, “The Gate”, “The Outsider”, “Sometimes the River…” and “The Change”. He represents Italy in 52nd Cannes Festival as part of “Kodak European New Talent”.

In 2005 Fabián moved to Mozambique where he established the Azabache Films Company and worked for three years in a travelling cinema project producing educational films, animations for children and documentaries to be shown in Mozambican villages.
He also regularly produces educational films for international organizations, development agencies and NGOs.
The Change was made with Toon Boom Studio.

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio

Azabache Films Website
Facebook Azabache Films

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25 Oct 2013

Huntin’ Litterers, done in Toon Boom Studio by Debbie Cohea

NAME: Debbie Cohea

TITLE: Huntin’ Litterers

DESCRIPTION: A short animated humorous take on How to Report litterers in South Carolina using 1-877-7litter. Starring Crazy Turkey! and Wild Eyed Lion!

ARTIST: I am self taught …Toon Boom’s videos and YouTube help quite a bit. Animation is my new found hobby. This short was created using Toon Boom Studio 7 in my spare time. This is my second animation. My goal is to produce at least one short a week in my “spare” time. I am so confident that I purchased Animate Pro :)

SOFTWARE: Toon Boom Studio, Toon Boom Animate Pro


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